Digital Photography

Forget automatic settings! The aim here is that YOU control the camera, not the other way around. No more auto settings!

Do you want to capture that water shot where every drop glistens or produce the soft "brides veil" effect that gives a dreamy feel to your images?

Maybe you want to soften the background/foreground so that you can highlight your subject, this is called Depth of Field ( DoF ).

Learn to compose your shot correctly ( this is such an important area ).

Become a master of the histogram! Sounds scary, but it´s the best feedback you can get to improve your next shot........overlooked and undervalued is the histogram, to me it´s priceless.

With the right teaching you can cut right through the fear factor and become a competent "snapper" in just one day! And when I say one day, it doesn´t have to be all done on the same day, it can be spread over several days if it suits you, after all, there is such a lot of other things to do and see on the Costa.
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