Image Editing

Done sympathetically and prudently, editing really can bring out the hidden beauty in your images......I have a saying " a camera cannot capture exactly what your eyes see, and your eyes cannot capture the full beauty of what is before them" i.e " we see through a veil darkly ".

Everyone can make their images better without drastically changing them, however, the key is knowing what to do and when to stop. Of course you still have to take the best shot you can, and I can show you how via the digital photography course, however, once you have captured your shot, that´s when the real fun and skill kicks in.....see her for examples...

Lots of people are scared to try too much editing for fear of losing the time we have finished you will be full of confidence and wishing you had started this years ago.

Please note...I never edit other peoples images, however, if you want to bring some images with you, then I can teach you how to improve them yourself....much more fulfilling for here to return to Home page