Album Design

Start with a blank sheet of paper, create your textures, backgrounds, input your favourite images and just let your mind take over. Sounds simple, and it can be, but knowing the techniques for creating your own album is a must. When you´ve finished you can post it to the web, send it to friends or as I do, have a hard copy printed which is an ideal gift.

I use a company called Vanillaphotobooks for the printing, 10mm thick, silver halide paper gives just about the best look on the market, however, I prefer to do all my own designing using a combination of Photoshop/On One Photo Suite and DG Essentia, it´s not necessary to use all 3 but it just suits my needs....even to the point of making my own digital paintbrushes (lots of fun).

The beauty of this course is that you can create as you go on....I find it mentally liberating, and to be honest, more fun than the photography, it´s really the culmination of the other 2 you can bring your own images with you and I can teach you how to edit and design, or we can go out and take some new shots, edit them and then design an album.

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