The basic cost includes your own large en-suite double bedroom,living room and breakfast with us on the terrace each morning. If you want to use our brand new kitchen to prepare a meal or make a drink....feel free. We don´t offer evening meals as such, because we eat out so often, but if Sonja prepares one of her Oriental dishes then you are welcome to share (at NO extra cost!...maybe bring a bottle of wine)....we are not here to make large profits...rather to share our lovely home with here for our tariffs.
A hired car will give you freedom, but it you don´t drive then we can provide an airport transfer. If you need a lift to the beach, tennis club or golf course, then please regard this as just needs a little co-ordination.
As for the digital courses, well they can be booked in blocks of a day ( 5 to 6 hours). Sonja is also a qualified yoga teacher and you are welcome to join her on a one to one teaching course...very popular with the ladies!...Just imagine, yoga, then a swim followed by breakfast overlooking the Med, what could be a better start to the day?
If you are single and would like to see places like Gibraltar, Tariffa, Marbella, Ronda etc then we can arrange these at an additional cost...please contact us for details.
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