Tariffs-High Season

High Season tariffs..approx mid-July until mid- Sep.

1 week.....850 euros
2 weeks...1600 euros
3 weeks.. 2300 euros
4 weeks.. 3000 euros

The only additional charge is for the air-con, which for 2018 is 1 euro per hour.

There is a holding deposit of 200 euros which should be paid upon application (this will guarantee your booking), with an additional 200 euro damage deposit which will be returned upon satisfactory departure from the apartment....see full Terms and Conditions. Any air-con usage will be deducted from the security deposit.

Tariffs-Mini Breaks

Mini-Break accommodation tariffs:

1 night........45 euros per couple.....35 euros per single
2 nights......80 euros per couple.....55 euros per single
3 nights. ...110 euros per couple....80 euros per single
4 nights.....150 euros per couple...110 euros per single
5 nights.....175 euros per couple...125 euros per single
1 week .....200 euros per couple...150 euros per single

For longer periods....P.O.A

( All prices are inclusive of breakfast ).

Airport Transfer (Malaga)....40 euros each way. Journey time is approx 40 mins....taxis cost 60 to 70 euros.

Mini-Break Courses

All Digital Courses are 150 euros and last for at least 5 hours, and they can be spread over several days if you wish.

Yoga classes are one to one and cost just 15 euros for a 60 minute session! They can be scaled accordingly.

Sonja also arranges sightseeing excursions/hiking trips....cost depends on time/distance.