With year round sunshine, tennis is probably the best way to enjoy an active break from the wet and cold. Many clubs now boast the ever increasingly popular padel courts to ensure there is something for everyone.

Most clubs have "mix-ins" where you can just turn up and play....a partner will be found for you, and for 2 hours you generally get 4 to 5 sets of tennis.
I´ve provided a list of nearby clubs with links ( where possible ). The Club del Sol is where Sonja and I mostly play, it´s just 2 minutes away by car and is very friendly. There are 12 tennis courts (mostly clay) ....floodlights on one of them, there are 4 padel courts, 4 squash courts and a great gym.
Sundays and Weds there is usually chicken wings provided free of charge by your hosts Jose and Carol, and during Nov to April there is also live music on a Wed along with half price drinks. The other club very close to us is Miraflores.....6 courts, 4 Padel courts and a small but smart dining bar area, quite often live music, a lovely pool area and child friendly...again, great for meeting people ( the courts are first class )!