If you can´t find a restaurant that suits your taste here, then I guess you no longer have a pulse! From the many beach chiringuitos which will serve you a multitude of fresh fish dishes, to the multi-national cuisine on offer you are sure to find great food, and at a good price. Many restaurants don´t operate a website, instead preferring to use Facebook or Tripadvisor, so it´s not always possible to provide a link.

We have 3 restaurants just across the road..Miel y Nata, La Familia ( Happy Hour 5-6pm and the owner Ben offers a 10% discount to our guests) and El Gaucho, whilst La Cornisa is just 5 minutes walk away...all recommended... Da Vinci´s is the one we measure all others by...gambas pils pils to die for, and the best customer service on the Costa.

Check out these websites: Tripadvisor and all things Andaluth ( full of useful info ).
Miel y Nata.........patronised by locals and tourists, very popular due to quality, large portions and value.
La Familia..........lovely little restaurant, very popular with guests
El Gaucho..........Argentinian, which means lots of meat, good portions and good quality
La Cornisa.........wonderful food, everything prepared whilst you wait...locals love this place.
Da Vinci´s.......simply the best! This is where we go for special occasions.
Chinacity........our favourite Chinese, very friendly...try the pulled duck!
Barboru...traditional breakfast but also lovely evening music, great craick
La Terraza..popular Italian, good ambience
El Oceano..........wonderful setting, right on the sea, try the "full moon dining" experience.
El Olivio de La Cala...lovely food, great setting and live music..well worth a visit
The Little Geranium...owned by "Master Chef" Steven Saunders..a bit special!